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SAP BPC 10.1U Classic vs Embedded suite is:
Absolutely Simple and User Friendly
Reasonably Easy
Not Straight-Forward But Manageble
Very Expensive to Own
No Idea ! Exploring
Very Difficult And Confusing
Which is Better Business Planning Tool
BPC 10 M

Expert finance strategies for navigating
hyper-growth and hyper-change

Join this webinar as Marc Stoll, EPM’s CFO, shares the finance roadmap to hyper-growth and hyper-change. You’ll learn how to set up an integrated and flexible process to anticipate the curves and make adjustments to the business in real time.

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The New Science of Sales Performance

In an era of winner-take-all markets and “grow or be irrelevant,” sales leadership is constantly faced with an uphill battle in driving sales performance. How is it possible to grow top-line revenue and maintain healthy margins while remaining nimble to react to changing market conditions and new competition? Organizations that fail to quickly plan, secure cross-functional alignment and deploy resources face dire market consequences.

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Become more agile: Discover a viable
alternative for spreadsheets

Download our whitepaper, 7 reasons to choose epm to replace your planning spreadsheets, to learn how our clients have transformed their planning and analysis across their organizations. You’ll learn about the seven most common challenges our customers have faced and how we have successfully addressed them.

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