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Wednesday, 12 May 2004

The SAP BusinessObjects EPM internal community is designed to share ideas and content, as well as field questions, pertaining to the launch of EPM 10.0 at SapphireNOW in Orlando. This community will remain active beyond the initial launch, to keep members informed of post-launch activities such as the "EMEA launch" at the Financials 2011 conference in Amsterdam, and other physical and virtual post-launch activities. Visit and join the community.

new SAP EcoHub experience live with epm 10 content

The SAP EcoHub is a community-oriented marketplace for SAP and the SAP ecosystem. It has been re-launched with an enhanced the user experience with features to help get customers to the right solutions for their business needs even faster. At SapphireNOW, the new Business Analytics page was highlighted on the SAP EcoHub, with features combining SAP content on the EPM 10.0 launch and new demos on LoB analytics, as well as featured partner solutions.

Each EPM solution has a storefront to allow visitors to get more detailed information without leaving the site; the most recent storefront launched to support this initiative features SAP BusinessObjects Disclosure Management

Carry out the following steps:

From the action pane in BPC for Excel choose Reporting & Analysis.
In the Reporting & Analysis Options action pane choose Build a report using a dynamic template.
In the Report Wizard dialog box select one of the following report types and choose Open:
Trend to view a report for one entity only
Consolidating to view a consolidated report for all entities
Confirm the message A report has been built for you.
In the upper part of the action pane choose the following settings in the CV (Current View) area:
You can expand the CV (current view) entry by choosing  to gain a better overview.

      You can view a report on Profit & Loss Statement.

Working with the Report Profit Loss Review by DataSorce

        This report is delivered as a ready-to-use template. The purpose of this report is to analyze profit and loss data and at the same time view where the data in the report comes from (for example from the HCM application, from the Sales application or whether it was entered by a user).
Open the BPC for Excel application. From the current view choose the Application set Best_Practices and the Application BP_PROFIT_LOSS.
From the menu bar choose eAnalyze  Open Report Library.
In the left-hand frame choose Company, then browse for the Reports folder.
Select the file PL10 Profit Loss Review.xlt and choose Open.
In the CV (current view) section, of the action pane choose the appropriate values for each dimension (for example the year 2008 and category Budget). Make sure to select the currency (USD or EUR) you need for your analysis.

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